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Being overweight can affect many aspects of your life.

Aside from a loss of fitness, physical inconvenience, and impact on your self-image, it can undermine your health and lead to far more serious problems. It is an issue that requires and effective and sustainable long-term solution.

Promising short-term success is very lucrative for the weight loss industry with all their products and gimmicks, but unsustainable weight loss is a disaster if you’ve had to deal with the emotional ups and downs of losing and gaining weight, over and over again.

You are likely carrying deep feelings of frustration and failure, the last thing you want is bitterness and discouragement to dominate future decisions you might have to better your life, health, and well-being. So the most important thing to learn is why the weight won’t stay off.

The #1 secret to losing weight permanently is: “Hormone Equilibrium”

There are so many cutting-edge studies and data linking weight management to hormonal balance.

I began learning everything I could about how hormones work, what role they play in the body, what triggers them, what the symptoms of imbalance are, and most importantly, what steps could be taken to return to a health, high energy, fat-burning state.

There are many hormones at work inside your body. All of them are produced and directed by your endocrine system. The problem is, you can’t directly command your endocrine system what to do.

However, I found a way to put you in the driving seat of this process. A way for you to take control and choose whether fat is stored or burned away forever.

The way hormones work can be best imagined as a huge interconnected web where stimulus, such as stress or sugar, can cause one hormone to increase, which signals your endocrine system to increase or decrease other hormones to counter balance the increase of the other.

Weight related hormones are released according to your habits and behaviours in life. This means almost everything in your life can play an influence. One critical influence is the foods you eat. Another big influence is stress.

Regularly eating unhealthy junk food can create chronic hormonal turbulence, which causes a severe hormonal imbalance. When your system is imbalanced symptoms such as fatigue, mood changes, low libido and weight gain (to name a few) begin happening. The good news is that rebalancing your system is easier than you think.

In my programme I explain the roles of: Insulin, Estrogen, Cortisol, Leptin, HGH, Testosterone, Progesterone and how balancing these hormones can help you become fitter, healthier, and happier.

Everything You Need to Lose Weight Permanently is

Split into 10 Modules including the Following

11 High Definition Instructional Videos

You’ll receive 11 high-definition instructional videos spread out over 10 learning modules. I’ll walk you through healthy recipes, delicious weight loss teas, lunches, and dinners. I’ll show you the best ways of managing the various foods you’ll need and how to use your kitchen the right way, without spending too much time or having to buy fancy cookware or appliances.

Digital Coursework

On top of these videos I’ve included 225 pages of e-learning materials you can use in tandem with the videos. Each of the 10 modules comes with a tutorial e-book with page after page of educational material on the secrets to permanent weight loss. These tutorials were compiled with over 15 years of success.

Over 90 delicious recipes

Over 90 delicious recipes of main course dishes, soups, desserts, and medicinal teas that you can use to turn on the fat burning switch and balance your hormones. I will teach you how to cook in such a way that you won’t be stuck in the kitchen for hours like you might imagine. Shopping and cooking is much easier than you think, and the way I teach lets you keep your busy schedule.

10 Bonus Health and Lifestyle Outlines

Permanent weight loss is not all about the foods you eat. There are many techniques that can accelerate the process. In additional to the 225 pages in the tutorial files, I’ve included 10 bonus health tips that reveal effective remedies you can use to: deepen your sleep, methods to increase circulation that brightens skin glow, easy ways to cleanse the lymphatic system and boost your metabolism, at-home silky smooth facial, and many other ways to improve your overall well-being.

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