Orange & Walnut Adzuki Truffles

Almond pecan NuggetsOrange & Walnut Adzuki Truffles

1 cup cooked azduki beans
1 heaped tbsp hazelnut butter
2 tbsp rice syrup
½ tsp vanilla essence
Zest of 1 orange
Ground walnuts
Grain based chocolate chips

Blend the adzuki beans, hazelnut butter, rice syrup and vanilla either by hand or using a hand blender. Place the mixture in a bowl and add enough ground walnuts to form dough that sticks and binds together. Stir in the orange zest. Roll into small truffle sized balls.

Add a coating of your choice – Melted Grain Base chocolate chips, desiccated coconut, cocoa powder, sesame seeds or finely chopped dried fruit & nut mixture. Chill in the refrigerator.

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  1. Thank you for this tempting recipe. I love the sound of walnuts, oranges and coconut. I can’t wait to make it. Sending gratitude and light

    • Thank you so much, enjoy x

    • Ivelina, beautiful website you have, congrats x

      • Thank you so much, Marlene. That means a lot. Sending blessings and love

  2. Thank you so much for the note, will have the blog site checked, and thanks also for your comments.

  3. Love the sound of the truffles using my favourite – adzuki beans! Savoury or sweet – healthy too – that is versatility at its best. Your newsletter is a great kick-start again when I lose inspiration. Thanks for always sharing your knowledge so generously.

    • Hey Miss Lynn, So long since I’ve seen you.
      Tell your lovely daughter I just posted a great post on my blog that she will love on fat burning.
      Big hug xx

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